8 things about my IPad that I dislike


I bought my iPad v3 (i know its called something different) a couple of weeks ago  after quite some time considering which alternative would be the best: iPad or an Android based tablet.

I finally decided to go for the iPad due to the following reasons:

  • the screen quality
  • the design
  • to learn another platform (I have an android based phone
  • selecting Apple can’t be wrong as so many people praising their products

My main objectives with my tablet are:

  • do presentations at customer meetings
  • review & edit documents and spreadsheets on the road
  • check my emails och browse web pages
  • use Google Analytics and other statistics tools
  • Actively work with social media analysis
  • And of course listen to my music and watch my photos and videos

So why am I disappointed?

There are a number of reasons:

1. NAS access doesnt work
How can you build a device with no built in support for connecting to network storage devices? I don´t understand this. Yes, I can buy specific apps to do this, but are you serious?

2. No free open Office

As I´m promoter of open source it feels a bit strange that there is no free Open Office eqivalent version for iPad. Yes, I can buy specific apps to do this, but are you serious?

3. No free presentation alternative

I thought it would be easy to show presentations but surprise, to do this without using PDFs, you need an app (or via Google Drive)

4. Google drive wont work in edit mode

Google Drive is one of my favorite tools syncronizing my documents between my PC and my android phone. But on iPad its only available in view only version. Edit is not available.

5. Tweetdeck doesnt work

Tweetdeck is also a favorite software which I frequently use to post to multiple social media accounts at the same time. There is a limited version for iPad but I never got it working, it crashes and I need to restart again.

6. Maps sucks

Everybody knows this already. If you are used to Google maps it feels like going back 5 years.

7. Itunes doesnt support my own music files

This is of course linked to the problem of connecting to a network storage but there is not support for importing music to the iTunes version of the iPad, you can only buy or use music in the cloud.

8. Can’t print

There are no printing capabilities included from start. But… you know the answer… you can buy an app.

So even if the display is brilliant and I love Apples design, I feel limited and not able to do what I want.

Anyone else who feels the same?